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Offshore development services have now developed as a solution for Western businesses who are looking to get into the crowded and expensive marketplace. The most important interest of an offshore software company is that it helps to facilitate global development. Global development in an international scenario, while putting down the costs usually touched with software development operations by engage highly specialized personnel detected in a low-cost environment, such as South Asia is the biggest advantage of an offshore organization. Buruj Solutions is relating to Offshore Outsourcing, we convey cost-effective solutions by setting your process and tasks into a reasonable atmosphere to boost your experience.

 For our offshore outsourcing solutions, the Buruj Solutions team has a strong policy and process to tackle all development issues. With a dedicated team for each project, we work under the following unique principles to deliver quality software.

How We Do

Focused and ambitious

Our results-oriented approach means that our team delivers the right services for your business no matter what category or area you are in. Our only purpose delivers quality software development products as we are concerned about offshore development.

High Quality

We represent high-quality and complete software product development. Each project is implemented according to the high international planning standards. We are constantly changing our methods and practices to improve our system.

High Customer Satisfaction

On the behalf of reasonable prices and multitalented software developers across the world, more customer satisfaction is about offshore development. Buruj Solution is familiar with a decade of years of experience in customer satisfaction globally.

Cost efficiency.

Our offshore software development services are designed to provide you with cost-effective solutions. This means that you will receive high-quality products and additional support and recommendation services at very reasonable prices.

Flexible approach

Our maritime development team uses flexible planning and communication techniques. We are always working and always accepting new challenges and opportunities. We also use a consultation method which means we look at user needs first.

Risk minimization

We follow proven development procedures and quality management systems to reduce the risks in the development of an overseas project, maintain a healthy relationship with you through the full integration of our offshore team that reaches the physical level.


Automatic driving efficiency saves time and reduces costs. That’s why we do our best to change, from processes to infrastructure and code. As part of our first and most critical steps, we are doing the basic functional and basic components.


Our IT professionals have extensive experience in various software developments. We offer flexibility and scalability for your business to address new opportunities and challenges. With 15 years of quality experience in offshore software development.

How We Do

Artificial Intelligent

AI is the recreation of human insight measures by machines, particularly PC frameworks. The obvious use of AI includes key elements, constant language control, speech recognition, and machine vision.


PHP is an open-source language – excellent for web development projects. PHP is a programming language influenced by other programming languages ​​such as Perl., C, C ++, JavaScript, or Java.

Unity Developer

Unity is a cross-stage game engine created by Unity Technologies, assembled custom 3D application improvement across mobile, web, computer-generated reality, expanded reality, and work area.


Java is a high-performance, class-based computer language, designed to be as dependent on a few uses as possible. It is intended to allow app developers to “write once, run anywhere.


Android is a mobile working framework dependent on a changed adaptation of the Linux part and another open-source programming, planned primarily for touchscreen cell phones like cell phones, and tablets.

We have a strong technical background and knowledge, based on long-term partnerships with our customers. We do extensive research on specific technologies as we understand our challenges and the field, so we can provide reliable software solutions at a competitive time.

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